Jamie Janover is recognized as a true musical innovator as a multi-instrumentalist and master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer. Lezlie “Sunshine” Chang is a vocalist, lyricist and keyboard player who sings in both English and Chinese. Together, they perform live electronic music as Janover & reSunator. By combining recent innovations in modern technology with the wisdom of ancient instruments, Janover & reSunator achieve a balance between the electronic and the acoustic to create a resonant unified field: music reflective of the nature of modern times. The duo have been performing world-wide since early 2012 including at festivals in countries as diverse as Australia, Costa Rica, Egypt, New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada and all over the US from Maine to Hawaii.

For many years Janover has maintained a rigorous touring schedule. His current projects including: PRAANG (w/ EOTO & Steve Kimock), ZILLA (w/ Michael Travis from SCI and VibeSquaD) and shows with Karsh Kale and the Everyone Orchestra (w/ a revolving lineup). Jamie is also a veteran of hundreds of live guest appearances, having performed on stage with artists including: Phish, Bela Fleck, The String Cheese Incident, G. Love & Special Sauce, Stanley Jordan, Beats Antique, Emancipator, Random Rab and many others.

When not playing music, you can find Janover connecting dots around the world in his extensive travels and collaborations in multiple creative realms including creating stunning images as a professional photographer and making sculpture works using natural found objects while reSunator is also a painter, poet, set-designer and film-maker. Janover’s life-long interest in the true nature of reality and the universe brought him to become an official emissary for scientist Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, delivering fascinating presentations on the physics of unified field theory globally.