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From the Jamcare Department of Health:

Altitude Sickness.

When you’re dancing in front of the Main Stage, you’re at 9,580 feet above sea level (the “Mile High” city of Denver is only at 5,280′). There is less oxygen and water vapor in the air, so don’t be surprised if you come to Sonic Bloom and become breathless over more than the scenery. Shortness of breath, throbbing headaches and fatigue are just a few symptoms of altitude sickness.

The best way to avoid altitude sickness to to allow your body to acclimate to the higher elevation, so take it easy when you arrive in the High Country. The next best thing is to DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Sleeping, avoiding alcohol, eating carbohydrates and taking ibuprofen may also help.

If you see a fellow Bloomer (stranger or not) who is out of it or is heading for trouble for any other reason, you have community duties to fulfill. Stay close and see them through it. Or, if needed, get help (our safety and medical team is not judgmental). Be there for them like you’d want them to be there for you.


The summer air is DRY in South Park so drink lots of water or other non-alcoholic beverages. Your body’s systems need water to function properly and dehydration is a factor in most of the medical problems that occur at Sonic Bloom. Drink water until your pee is clear and oderless.


In the High Country there is less atmosphere filtering the sun’s rays and you can cook quickly. Apply sunblock early (before you leave camp) and often (between artists).

If you or a friend are in trouble, please seek out medical help IMMEDIATELY. Jamcare is a safe haven at Sonic Bloom, and you will not get in trouble for anything you say. Their only concern is your well-being.

jamcare logo - square“Jamcare’s mission is to provide the best medical care available, specializing in crisis intervention, substance abuse education, community support and wellness to attendees at music festivals, other mass gatherings and to the community at large. Their team of festival savvy EMS first responders, mental health professionals and substance abuse workers provides direct face to face contact and care, decreasing the number of unnecessary medical transports and unwarranted legal involvement, allowing for a more positive experience for everyone involved. We are thrilled to have them on-site this year!”

With the summer music season upon us, we now enter a time of year in which music patrons need to pay more careful attention to their health and well being when attending live music events. Here is a sight all too familiar:

You’re at a show or festival with good friends, enjoying the music and the surrounding atmosphere, when you see someone carried out on a stretcher – clearly in need of serious medical attention. What’s just as unfortunate, however, is when the occurrence could have been avoided. More times that not, the situation could have been handled differently if the security and medics had a better discernment of the elements within the live music scene.

With a passionate desire to contribute to the music community so that its patrons receive the best medical care possible, Avi Goldberg, an Emergency Medical Technician from Queens, founded Jamcare Medical in 2006. His goal was to provide medical care on site and reduce ambulance intrusion when deemed unwarranted.

Since partnering with long-time friend and festival veteran, Danny Hertz, Jamcare has turned into a nationwide collaborative of savvy medical and mental health experts providing care to live music events throughout the country. A cutting edge service is now available to festival producers as well as venue managers, whereby emergency response is carried out on-site by these medical professionals who are also seasoned members of the music community, themselves. Jamcare combines EMTs, RNs and paramedics with substance abuse workers, mental health professionals and volunteers from the community to execute a program that prides itself on giving back to the livelihood it cherishes.

For festivals with already established medical teams, Jamcare provides their Helpin’ Handspackage featuring fully-staffed spaces called Cool Down Zones, which keep their doors open 24/7 to those patrons whose faculties are impaired. In these situations, Jamcare’s staff provides guidance and support to the medical team on hand. Jamcare uniquely tailors its services to each event depending on its needs and budget and also provides guidance to festival producers concerning all medical related matters. Professionalism, empathy and compassionate care are at the core of Jamcare’s mission.

You can find a Jamcare tent and the service’s distinct yellow or red signage at numerous festivals this summer including Amberland, Mountain Jam, Impulse Festival, Mantrabash, Camp Coldbrook, Camp Barefoot, Mint Green, Freedom of Expression, the Catskill Chill, Gnarnia and numerous other events soon to be announced. Jamcare is also moving west and will make it’s first appearance in Colorado at Sonic Bloom Festival in Georgetown CO on June 21st-24th.