In our fast pace lives tension creeps into our hips, back, shoulders and neck desensitizing ourselves to our body and spirit. It is important to restore this balance. This restorative/yin class will be guided by deep breath work that helps to align the body as we find release and relief from long held stresses and tensions in both the body and mind. Jacquie will also bring in reiki and sound healing with tones and crystal bowl to sooth the spirit and bring a deeper connection within.

My love of music, nature, and play began as a child growing up in a small town in Oregon. I was home schooled for most of my childhood which helped to create in me an independence and creativity that has informed both my musical side as well as my yoga practice and how I approach my health. An athletic injury took me on a journey of healing from acupuncture to cranial sacral to even becoming a Reiki Practitioner and then Master. I found though I needed a deeper mind/body/spirit connection so there is where I dove in deep to yoga. My desire grew to bring that childlike play back to the practice through becoming a teacher. So after becoming a registered yoga teacher in 2011 I have enjoyed teaching vinyasa flow, chair yoga at a Senior’s center, and restorative/yin in weekly classes in Seattle, WA. I also have been bring more blending of these modalities into workshops. I just shared at the Envision Festival this year! Nothing is better than see the bright shiny faces after a Savasana! That glow says more than any words could.