Ishani Ishaya


Ishani Ishaya began contemporary Wushu Kung-Fu in 1988, became a teacher of Ascension Meditation in 1996, began bellydancing professionally in 2001 and fire flow in 2009. Now as a certified personal trainer she combines these four practices into a moving meditation she calls ‘BellyAscenDance’, Ecstatic Ascension through the roots of Belly Dance. She is currently a feature performer with Quixotic Fusion Cirque Nouveau.


This fun playshop incorporates yogic flexibility and bellydance basics for body/mind balance and take-home tools to level up your dance game! The first half involves gentle stretches and relaxing breathing to lengthen the body and increase circulation. Then we’ll focus on isolating rhythm and melody through bellydance basics stimulating left and right brain respectively while learning some layering and transitional technique.
Bring a yoga mat and a jingly belt!

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