golden bliss

Golden Bliss is the charismatic combination of Resonance of Bliss and Boucle D’Or.

Bliss (Jennifer Alberts) breathes deeply, then steps on the stage and into the music. She immerses herself in her character, creating an intimate partnership between her dance and the music. She feels the energy of the crowd and weaves it into her performance, building a sensual landscape of emotion and movement. She can turn a hula hoop into a dance partner, or make the audience laugh with her use of almost anything as a prop.

Each time Boucle D’Or (Caitlin Morris) steps on stage, she ignites the flame of inspiration that burns deeply in all of our hearts. Her props are an extension of both her body and soul. Her performances uplift, entertain and mystify as she co-creates a deep and moving experience with her audience. She is as captivating and hypnotic as the fire that enshrouds her. Once her passion has been sparked audiences can’t help but bask in her love and light.

Allow Golden Bliss to captivate your eyes, and emotions and transform mundane experiences into pure joy.

This pair has performed with artists such as: Kaminanda, The Motet, The Earth Harp, O. Neb, Ishe, Ill-gates, Ott, Random Rab, Bluetech, Bird of Prey, Akasha, Govinda, New Mastersounds, Up Until Now and many more.