Come one come all, out to play, and learn to make wishes the magical way!

You’ll connect to the fairies who bring sparkly dust, from faraway lands to sprinkle you with luck. As you prepare your wish, first you’ll need trust, to speak to the fairies–this is a must! Once you believe, the journey can start–the first step is connecting
with your heart. Trust it to take you where you must go, uncovering dreams hidden within your soul. Your imagination will paint colorful pictures  you see, as your heart whispers “these visions are yours…if you believe, you will achieve!”

Now you’ve connected your heart with your dreams, the rest comes quite easily. Choose your single most treasured wish, take a deep breath, release it into the glistening wind. The fairies so eager deliver the magic you bring, fluttering quickly collecting dust in their wings! Your wish gathered so deep within, now in the hands of your new fairy friend. When it returns back so soon, they’ll bring a gift: your wish come true! The fairies leave one last clue: keep believing in the magic inside of you.

Fairy Paloma uses her experience as a child psychotherapist and yoga
instructor to make dancing through the forest an exercise in self-esteem. By learning intention setting tools in a magical way, children gain the confidence to free their inner sparkle and embody the dreams they so deeply believe.

Sprinkling her magical blend of shimmering fairy dust into each child’s hand, Fairy Paloma leads a guided visualization to each child’s
very own fairyland. Within this safe space they’re encouraged to explore the inner world of wonder, becoming receptive to new ideas and a dazzling
arrays of possibilities. Children are then taught how to funnel their expansive dreams by setting specific intentions, grounding their heart’s desire into the present moment. Fairy Paloma incorporates mind-body techniques such as breathing, movement and sensory awareness, inspiring children to follow their inner sparkle as they bridge the gap between imagination and the physical world. Her wish is they gain confidence and clarity around their
unique creative gifts, and the tools to assist in channeling their magic in daily life.

Each wish circle ends with deep breaths to intentionally lock in the
magic of their dream, then setting it free: blowing it away along with
the magical fairy dust. As they watch it shimmer in the air, each
child has an external vision of the magic created within.

*Each child gets their very own fairy dust bottle to take home!