Ka Po’e Au Hiwa Aloha ~ Light Carriers of Aloha ~

Join me for a Ritual Dance Excursion into the spirit of Ho’o Pono Pono, the ancient Hawaiian art of “making right” the discordance in our world. Bring a personal situation that needs your Responsibility and your Love. Through prayer, dialogue, and witness from our brothers and sisters, we’ll Offer our Healing into the catalytic converter of an Ecstatic Dance. We’ll invoke Forgiveness, Reparation, and Beauty. We’ll shine this Frequency of Love through 12 generations of Ancestors and Descendants. Come harvest the Makana (gift) of Shift, and Ho’omana (empower) Peace and Freedom for yourself, the human collective, and the sacred responsibility of all we Tend.

Sound*Spell by bUmpKiN!

I am a student of the Star and the Stone, of the Circle, of the Stomping of Hooves and Raindrops on Ocean. Drum and Chant, Soundcraft and DaNce are my Wayfinders of commUnion in Body, Tribe, and Cosmos. In 11 years on the Big Island of Hawaii, i nourished and led the community ritual of Ecstatic Dance to a weekly gathering of 300 people and the seed for the movement which now ripples the planet. Currently in Boulder, CO :: i lead Ecstatic and Exploratory Dance, Contact Dance, Breath-Focused Unwinding, and GYROTONIC® Movement. In my Somatic-Shamanic coaching practice, I facilitate individuals to awaken from trauma and Embody their Ecstasy. My joy is to quest into the human body intelligence to Dissolve Defensive Posturing, to Craft our SoulScape into Coherence, and to Replenish the Gaiasphere with our Sweat and our Breath.