Pranayam is an ancient practice of breath control. Learning to breathe properly will reduce tension throughout the body as well as activate the channels that directly affect the central nervous system. In this class we will utilize the transformational practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to explore the inner landscape of our circuitry and use breath, asana, and mantra to balance and unlock the Shakti essence of our creative potential.

Pacha explores the rich inner world of her soul through ancient practices such as Kundalini Yoga and Core shamanism. She weaves together a diverse architecture of creative expression through the investigation of human potential. “Through deep evolutionary healing practices and diving into shadow, we can transform our wounds into our gifts and offer this service back to the healing of the planet.”  Pacha received her Kundalini Yoga teaching certificate in 2010, and went on to teach at local studios in Boulder and throughout the festival circuit at places such as Burning Man, Sonic Bloom, and other smaller family gatherings. Although I do not teach a regular class now, because of other commitments, i am interested in bringing this practice to new environments that give people the opportunity to experience Kundalini yoga.