As a pioneering DJ in the West Coast ecstatic music and dance scene his sets represent a unique amalgamation of global sounds and bass culture’s most embraced genres: Trap, Drum n Bass, Tech House, Breaks, Dub, Downtempo, UK Funky, Dubstep and Glitch. All are fused to a fearless twist on tempo, tempered with an urban/indigenous ethos from transglobal ghetto-whomp, to entheo-mystic-ritual-bass.

Previous festival bookings include Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest, Shambahla, Envision, Lucidity, LIB, Great Convergence, Earthdance, Wanderlust, Stilldream, Manifest, Mystic Garden, Raindance and Harmony Fest.

Two decades on the festival circuit he has opened for many of the dance scene’s most pioneering and resilient producers: Bassnectar, Tipper, Ott, Krafty Kuts, Opiuo, Gaudi, Vibesquad, Freq Nasty, Adam Freeland, Cheb I Sabbah, Bluetech, PhuturePrimitive, Karsh Kale, David Starfire, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Random Rab, Nickodemus, Dreadzone, Pitch Black, Dunkelbunt, and countless more!