Two decades of applying relentless dancefloor pressure to West Coast heads has this selektah carving out a crazy niche of followers who live for the groove and the lost art of DJing. Named by peers as “The DJ’s DJ” his art form is commanding the dancefloor while sourcing the leading edge of sound, then syncopating it with exotic global elements and tempo-morphing dynamics. His mission and statement is simply this: Come! Find and lose yourself in the sonic maelstrom of positive pulsations, community goodness and deep whomp.

Featuring ghetto tech’d, entheo-mystic and trans-globalized bass, smoldering rhythms and scorching selections – his live sets integrate indigenous world wide whomp with EDM’s emerging and established genres. Glitch, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Trap, House, Dub and Breaks all get the tempo-morphing floor-hopping workover.

Expect the unexpected; you’ll never hear the same set twice!

Past festival appearances include: Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Envision (Costa Rica), Enchanted Forest, Lucidity, Earthdance, Burning Man, Stilldream, Manifest, Great Convergence (Egypt), Shambala (Canada), Beloved, Eclipse(Australia) Mystic Garden, Raindance, Harmony Festival, Sonic Bloom, Wanderlust, Foreverland and many others…
As a consummate crate-digger his days are spent down the rabbit-holes of sound, constantly discovering emerging talent and the hidden gems of sonic possibility. As a percussionist who’s adventured extensively throughout the near and far east, his mixes span all tempos and all genres of electronic dance music and are drenched in global idioms, accented with tribal motifs and woven into intoxicating rhythms and groove.