The healing power of transformational festivals is something that we can all relate to, and yet it remains somewhat mysterious and surprisingly undocumented. What is it that gives events like Sonic Bloom the power to bring about such rapid and miraculous personal growth and expansion? How is it possible that these events can set social trends and provide answers for many of the problems facing our world at this present moment?

In this workshop we will explore the powerful healing potential of transformational festivals, as told through the eyes of festival participant Dr. Kelly Neff. A social psychologist, writer and professor by training, Dr. Neff has experienced first-hand how transformational festivals profoundly changed her life and the lives of many close to her. She has seen how these events can empower people to recover from psychiatric imbalances such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, agoraphobia and more. She will share some of these stories, as well as additional research and psychological theories created to explain how and why transformational festivals offer the power to heal. Most all, she wants to hear from YOU about how these events have healed your life. Themes to be discussed with respect to personal healing include: Love, Relationships, Sexuality, Sharing, Sacredness, Expression, Learning, Expansion, Creativity, Music, Flow and more.

In addition to promoting rapid personal transformation, events like Sonic Bloom also have the power to change our world by providing models for better living and solutions to many of humanity’s problems. We will discuss the transactional process through which festival participants bring home what they have learned to change their communities outside of the festivals, and how society catches on and begins to implement these ideas. We will talk about coping with the integration into the ‘default world’ that occurs after these events. Again, YOU will have the opportunity to share your story of how you have brought what you learned at transformational festivals home to your life. Themes to be discussed with respect to societal transformation include: Sustainability, Sacred Space, Community, Consciousness, Creativity, Food, Gift Economies, Movement, Love, Movement, Individuality, Freedom and more.

Dr. Kelly Neff ( is a social psychologist, author and educator who has helped thousands of people learn about healthy relationships, love and sexuality. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Georgetown and M.A. and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. A professor of psychology since 2007, her articles on love, sex, spirituality and well-being have been featured by internationally recognized wellness websites like MindBodyGreen and The Mind Unleashed. Dr. Neff gives workshops, lectures and integrative healing services that combine psychological techniques, empowerment training, Reiki, and other alternative therapies. When she isn’t writing, teaching or doing healing work, Dr. Neff travels the globe researching transformational festivals, participating in experiences that have expanded her consciousness and profoundly changed her life. You can find her daily doses of inspiration and positivity on her Facebook page ( Light and Love!