Attention all hoopers! Elevate your hoop skills to a new level with experienced instructor Danielle Odette. In this thought provoking exploration of hooping, we explore the invisible network of pathways that open doors and extend possibilities of movement, with clear understanding of your hoop’s pathway and artistic expression. We will start with one hoop and add a second through the progression of the workshop.

Bring the hoop you are currently practicing with or play with one from the class set.

I will also be bringing giant 6 foot tandem hoops for festival participants to use and play with all weekend! Find me and I’ll be teaching tandem hooping one an one all weekend!

Danielle has been engulfed in the art of hoop dancing for years with a plethora of experience.  She is owner of Hoop Horizon, the creatrix behind The Spin Summit, and has performed all around the country and beyond.