The ethno-botany of Central America is abundant in sacred and ancient phyto-oneirogens: plants used ritually for exploration and divination within the dream realm. From C.Zachatechichi of the Chontol to Sinicuichi of the Aztec to Salvia Divinorum of the Mazatec, humans express a biological and mystical desire to enhance the lucidity of dream phenomena. Learn about cultural practices, safe usage, and the sorcerous beauty of wise oneiric plants, essential oils, and resins. (If a long-enough time slot is present, I bring materials to conduct a 20-minute “make-your-own dream pillow with all legal, safe herbs and also pass around essential oils for shared experience).

Currently Chloe Bee owns and operates Happy Healthy High Horny Herbs in Tempe, AZ, generating a heart-centered community hub for the alliance of earth-first thinking, ethnobotany, and natural medicine via transformative workshop facilitation presently thriving on community-expressed needs for the cultivation of plant wisdom, sacred dance, and bliss.