SONIC BLOOM is Colorado's Premier Electronic Music Festival

.:Elizabeth Betwixt:. Dance your Ho’o Pono Pono Prayer

Ka Po’e Au Hiwa Aloha ~ Light Carriers of Aloha ~

Join me for a Ritual Dance Excursion into the spirit of Ho’o Pono Pono, the ancient Hawaiian art of “making right” the discordance in our world. Bring a personal situation that needs your Responsibility and your Love. Through prayer, dialogue, and witness from our brothers […]

Alec Vishal Rouben- LOVELIFE Vinyasa

Come and Explore the practice of your self on your mat, together and alone. Here, at Sonic Bloom 2014, Alec is blessed to invoke a sacred space of connecting breath, movement, and intention. The Great Call to practice Yoga is an journey towards courageous self cultivation with the balance of the infinite amount of Light and Darkness that […]

Alexis Holland- Mindful Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Sound Healing

Alexis Holland’s practice is mindful strong, and energetic as she incorporates sound healing during her engagement with her students. Sound Healing is an incredible science of using pure tone, frequency and vibration with the human voice, instruments, and positive healing intent that results in healing the human body. Throughout the practice, toning exercises are introduced […]

Amy Deva- Yoga: Experiential Chakras

Conceptually, we all know we have energy. Experientially, do you really understand what that means? Through the movement of yoga asana and pranayama, you will get the chance to experience your energy body, specifically the chakras. We will venture into ourselves as an epic journey of healing, harmony and play. Get moving, feel good, find […]

Bryan Rodriguez- Tai Chi & Qi Gong Activation Through the Ancient Art of Silk Reeling

My teacher told me that if you ask a master how he circulates Qi (Energy), he will say, “i think and it moves.” But how?  The foundation of Tai chi & Qi Gong is the silk reeling exercises. Silk reeling is the practice of performing specific movements with Shin Fa (Chinese Biomechanics) that activate lines and spirals […]

Chrystalline- Acro-Balancing

Improve your circus skills with this yoga-esque workshop will focusing on balances and inversions. There will be a brief warm up and then get right into the acrobatics. We will go over the proper technique of inversions so they can be done safely, and there will be modifications for beginners and for more advanced yoginis. […]

Damion Bond- Thai Partner Massage

Nationally recognized Thai Massage instructor Damion Bond and intern Lee Croy open this relaxing workshop with a brief lecture on the philosophy, etiquette, and history of Thai massage followed by a guided demonstration of relieving postures and movements that cover and sooth all major muscle groups and energy meridians. Explaining how palms, elbows, forearms, and […]

Danielle Odette- Int/Adv Hooping Workshop: Expand your Horizon

Attention all hoopers! Elevate your hoop skills to a new level with experienced instructor Danielle Odette. In this thought provoking exploration of hooping, we explore the invisible network of pathways that open doors and extend possibilities of movement, with clear understanding of your hoop’s pathway and artistic expression. We will start with one hoop and […]

Deb Rubin- Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Deb Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT is an internationally acclaimed teacher and performer of Tribal Fusion Bellydance. Emerging from the vibrant and legendary San Francisco Bay Area music and dance scene, she got her roots seeded in 15 years of Bay Area training from some of the pioneers of the genre, at a pivotal time in […]

Ecstatic Dance with Shamans Dream

Ecstatic Dance in its most basic definition is free-form movement /dance inspired by music, allowing our bodies to move freely without judgment or concern for the “grace” or beauty of the dance. This is the dance you dance when nobody is watching!

This dance develops a direct body-spirit connection, letting your body and inner guide be […]

edica pacha- Kundalini Yoga: Riding the Breath Current

Pranayam is an ancient practice of breath control. Learning to breathe properly will reduce tension throughout the body as well as activate the channels that directly affect the central nervous system. In this class we will utilize the transformational practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to explore the inner landscape of our circuitry and use […]

Iris Olivia Barber- Power of Peace Yoga & Meditation

This workshop will playful weave together yoga and meditation in a way that promotes inner and outer peace. Participants will be guided to move with a sense of compassionate curiosity and embodied non-violence while playing with creative ways to build and maintain a peaceful global community.

Born on a mountain top and raised in a zen […]

Jacquie Hansen- Refresh & Rejuvenate w/ Restorative Yoga, Sound Bath, & Reiki

In our fast pace lives tension creeps into our hips, back, shoulders and neck desensitizing ourselves to our body and spirit. It is important to restore this balance. This restorative/yin class will be guided by deep breath work that helps to align the body as we find release and relief from long held stresses and […]

Jessi Luna- Sacred Mayan Cacao & LunaYoga w/ HangDrum

LunaYoga is a creative, organic, and feminine Vinyasa practice mixed with self-expressive dance movement. Cacao is a sacred healing plant known to bring one into a blissfully meditative state by opening the heart chakra and emotional channels.The Hang Drum is an angelic and soothing instrument that will allow your practice to effortlessly flow. Enjoy blessed […]

JodiMonet Herstine- Continuum Yoga

A well integrated yoga movement class, for optimal release and strengthening!
Awakening to the most optimal version of you!! With a special Yoga NIdra guided mediation to follow!
After 9 years of studying several lineages of yoga JodiMonet has constructed a unique blend of breath and movement! Suitable for all levels ! No experience required!!

I started practicing […]

Kai Sosceles- Geometry in Dance: Points, Planes & Polygons

Like visionary artists before them, dancers are now looking towards “sacred” geometry as inspiration for their art. Realizing that music is math and theory has been the driving tool to teach new generations of musicians and push boundaries by creating and breaking rules, modern dancers have been developing dance theory centering around the body, its […]

Laura Melling- Five Questions for your Body/Soul

In this experiential movement workshop we will work with a series of five loving questions, which we will each address to our body/soul. The answers arising will encourage the body/soul to feel more seen and heard, within a mythic dimension created by the group intention. We will prepare for the five questions with stress-releasing Bioenergetic […]

Matt Lovely- Intro to Slacklining

My name is Matthew Lovely and I’ve always had a passion for acrobatics and performing but never an outlet, until I found slacklining. In the two years I’ve been slacklining it has quickly become my passion and more than just a hobby. It has helped me to find a center in my life, which i […]

Meera Hoffman- Thai Massage & Partner Stretching with Aromatherapy

Feeling sore and tired – or- maybe you just want to relax and unwind? Then this is the perfect workshop for you! Participants will practice basic partner stretching and Thai massage moves to release tension and alleviate pain. Bring a partner, or show up stag & make a friend in class.  And there’s a special […]

Micah Levi- Water Before Coffee, Yoga Before Electronics

The title pretty much nails it: setup a daily ritual of drinking a glass of water (or more) and practicing a short (or longer) flow of yoga postures before heading into the world of electronic connectivity. The class is first a discussion of why, and then how to make the practice a reality. Divided into […]

Reace Daniel- PLEX Yoga: Dancing On Your Mat

PLEX Yoga is a yoga movement based dance party! The class is all asana (yoga posture) and then put to some of your favorite tunes! The goal of guiding students through a PLEX Yoga class is to connect the movements of yoga asana with the breath and rhythm of dance. The connection of the breath […]

Richii Jai- Flowstyle Yoga into Now

This yoga workshop is lead by the charismatic and lovely spirit known as Richii Jai. All levels of ability are welcome, we will be moving a lot, and chanting magic mantras several times to increase our vibrational centers. Richii Jai creates a space to remember your roots, and fly to your limits, deep asanas and […]

Rob Loud- Lila Vinyasa: A Playful Yoga Exploration

Lila refers to Divine Play … The play of creation, destruction and re-creation of the Universe. Using asana, pranayama and meditation we playfully explore the expansive interiors of ourselves. Witness the expansion and contraction of each breath while moving with intention to experience the delight of this moment, and the play of God, both personal […]

Shareshten- Yin & Yang Yoga w/ Tibetan Bowls

Explore the elements of Yin & Yang while Tibetan Bowl vibrations surround you. We work with intention and attention to yolk the muscles, joint, fascia, core, and open the heart to its highest vibration and intention.

Brief Bio:

2009 Yandara Yoga Teacher Training
2009-2010 Taught at 3 studios in South Florida
2010-2014 Taught at CorePowerYoga, Little Yoga Studio, Bodywork […]

Sita Devi- Bhakti Vinyasa Flow with Shaman’s Dream

Bhakti Vinyasa Flow is a heart opening intentional practice combining Kirtan, the art of ecstatic chanting with Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The practice often begins with a meditation and some intention setting and creative visualization. We then join together in a kirtan to begin our practice which takes us into our bodies moving into our […]

Sophia Ocean- Channeling Enchantment: The Fundaments of Elemental Tantra

When we allow life to be an experience of intimacy with everything, we begin to embody the courage and devotion that allows us to meet each moment fully in truth and we shift to existing in unity consciousness. When we commit our focus to a collective intension we can co-create an extremely potent resonant energy […]

Spyro- Geometric Poi Spinning: Flowers and Hybrids

In this workshop students will learn all about the family of moves known as flowers and hybrids. These moves greatly help spinners discover how to move freely with their props and create beautiful geometry in the process. The workshop is mainly poi focused but can be applied to Clubs and Mini-Hoops as well.

Spyro has been […]