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Jonathan Root, Music-Visualist known as Aeonchild, is an Artist, Audio-Visual DJ & Live VJ Performer. In 2010 he won the 2nd annual Winter Music Conference VJ Challenge that took place in Miami Beach, Florida. In 2011 & 2012 Aeonchild toured with Live Nation’s groundbreaking Identity Music Festival throughout the United States. Currently, he […]

Android Jones

I have seen things in this life that I am incapable of translating into words. In my practice I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds over and over again. If I could distill into words exactly what motivates me to create the art that I make than it […]

Annie Stardust

Annie Stardust is an astronomical dreamer; an innovative schemer. Whether it’s interactive visuals, animations, digital art, or 3D printing, she strives to expand every facet of the digital realm and create something that has never seen before. She calls her creations “Artifacts of the Imagination” because she believes that with all of this technology at […]

Dilate Visuals

Dilate Visuals

“I like blowing my own mind. It just so happens to blow other’s minds to”

Dilate Visuals specializes in creating 3D reactive visual spaces,playing on depth and perception. He has currently been Lighting up the Mid west as one of the founders of an Audio/Visual artist collective,Bass Hertz Productions. His […]

Illuminated Dimensions

Illuminated Dimensions will be bringing multidimensional magic to the SubMission Dome this year. They designed the dome from the ground up year with a 3D Projection Mapped world of Sacred Geometry that will be projected with mind blowing animations.

Johnathan Singer

The entrepreneurial spirit drove Johnathan Singer from an early age. By 24, he’d begun a career in publishing a socially conscious lifestyle magazine in Southern California called “West Side Life.” This exposed him to a wide range of artists, musicians, presenters and live performance personnel.

Moved to become an artist in his own right, Singer began […]

Jordan “Pickles” Leonard

Jordan “Pickles” Leonard’s most recent incarnation is as an audio-visualist production designer and visual projection performer. Based out of Denver Colorado, Pickle’s artistic branches root in tattooing. Years of influence from Burning Man culture and transformational festivals, has moved Pickles in the direction of developing art on an immersive scale with the intention to inspire […]

Michael Strauss (aka D-PROGRAMMERS)

D-PROGRAMMERS (Michael Strauss) has been crafting immersive psycho-active audio/visual environments at events throughout Southern California for almost 10 earth years. Using innovative animation techniques and interactive live video mixing, Michael seeks to explore the limitless beauty of the universe through visionary artwork, sacred geometry, and infinite fractal forms.

A technical wizard, audio/visual healer, spiritual warrior, […]


LAMBENT (AnDrew Brislin) is a pixel pushing video artist based in Boulder who utilizes a unique style of painting with light for art and music events. Raised on a diet of television and music, LAMBENT purchased his first Macintosh in 1994. Since then he’s been producing and editing sound and video. In 2009 he caught […]