SONIC BLOOM is Colorado's Premier Electronic Music Festival

Adam Apollo- The Proton Starship: Resonance Academy Intro (and) A Guardian’s Grace: Jedi Training Module

The Proton Starship: Resonance Academy Intro

Exploring the structure of space-time, and what it can teach us about superluminal starships.

Travel into the microcosm, exploring the geometry and structure of the Proton based on research by Adam Apollo and the mathematics in Nassim Haramein’s recent paper, “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass.”  Then go further, exploring how […]

Adrienne Elise- ‘PORTAL of Transformation’ Activation Ceremony : Guided Meditation Journey

Quantum physics has shown us that we are a part of something bigger.  That means that inside of you, you can access the whole universe.  Learn how to use the portal that is your heart to transcend time and space through a guided quantum meditation journey accompanied by music.  Journey to your future self who […]

Alaya LOVE – Hawaiian Huna Activations & Wisdom Teachings

In this workshop, energetic activation of Light CODES will be given for the new Paradigm thru Hawaiian Huna Wisdom Teachings & talking story to REMEMBER & activate. If you have identified yourSelf as a LEADER for the new earth, do not miss this.

Alaya Love is an elder & wisdom keeper carrying energetic activations for all […]

Ali Avalon- Hoop Playshop and Storytime (Kid’s Zone)

Come join author and hoop dancer Ali Avalon through a magical land of imagination and play.  First, we will read her beautifully illustrated picture book about finding a magical portal in a hoop and following your dreams!  Then, onto some interactive playtime and games with hoops!  All ages are welcome.  We will read the story […]

Andrew Jones- Electro Mineral Portrait Workshop

Why is Art important? Where is the future of creativity leading? Is it leading us, or are we leading it? What are the driving psychological factors that make a compelling image and why are we drawn to certain images over others?, How has the human brain evolved to appreciate beauty and why are is our […]

Ayla Nereo– Singing Life: Finding Your Voice

A workshop led by songwriter and performer Ayla Nereo, to open up our creative channels to receive song, and to experiment and play with our voices and creative process.

Through trusting our ability to listen and create sound, we learn to trust our own intuition and power to be creators of our lives. Each time we […]

bioLuMigen- Science of Spirit

A presentation and discussion of interesting ideas about the interconnection of science and spirit AKA consciousness, intention, the nature/illusion of reality, quantum mechanics, the parallels between physics and mysticism, infinite oneness and how we interface with this field through the human bio-mechanism, presented to you by bioLuMigen

Brandi Higdon– Children’s Art Hour

Brandi is a Fort Collins resident, passionately exploring the many facets of life, art, vision, and magic. She is a firm believer in joy-based living and relishes digging deeper into the mysteries that abound here on Earth, sharing her findings through creative outlets of art, parenting, visioning, unifying, and talking, a lot. She sees life […]

Brian Korsedal- Digital Permaculture

Brian Korsedal started programming computers as a child. He taught himself to code. Later, he’d go on to graduate with a degree in Physics and was a successful designer of computer chips. He retired at age 36 and decided to turn his mind to solving the complex problems of today’s world. He’s come up with […]

Chloe Bee- Sacred Plants for Lucid Consciousness

The ethno-botany of Central America is abundant in sacred and ancient phyto-oneirogens: plants used ritually for exploration and divination within the dream realm. From C.Zachatechichi of the Chontol to Sinicuichi of the Aztec to Salvia Divinorum of the Mazatec, humans express a biological and mystical desire to enhance the lucidity of dream phenomena. Learn about […]

Dr Kelly Neff- The Healing Power of Transformational Festivals

The healing power of transformational festivals is something that we can all relate to, and yet it remains somewhat mysterious and surprisingly undocumented. What is it that gives events like Sonic Bloom the power to bring about such rapid and miraculous personal growth and expansion? How is it possible that these events can set social […]

Dustin Fay- Programming a New Future: Socioeconomic Implications of Decentralized Networks & Bitcoin

Programmers are changing the world we live in one byte of code at a time. The Bitcoin protocol has laid the foundation for a future free of centralized authority. Discover the vast potential of decentralized systems and learn why they are so effective. The Open Source development model promotes universal access to designs and software. […]

Fairy Paloma- Wish Making Magic (Kid’s Zone)

Come one come all, out to play, and learn to make wishes the magical way!

You’ll connect to the fairies who bring sparkly dust, from faraway lands to sprinkle you with luck. As you prepare your wish, first you’ll need trust, to speak to the fairies–this is a must! Once you believe, the journey can start–the first step is […]

Gregor Arturo Clary- How Tesla Played the Earth Like a Psychedelic Organ

Exactly 115 years ago, with the summer solstice just a week ago, the ever mad yet ever wonderful Nikola Tesla embarked on his first experiments with his wireless energy tower system just past yonder in Colorado Springs. His name has slowly begun to resurface in modern times as an altruistic inventor of unparallelled genius. What […]

Jamie Janover- The Unified Field Theory of Nassim Haramein & Beyond

Learn about Nassim Haramein’s lifelong journey into the geometry of space-time, which has lead to a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure and dynamics of the universe and our existence in it. In this presentation, Jamie Janover will take you on a journey through humanity’s evolution, exposing the changes necessary to produce a Unified Physics; […]

Jen Isabel- Water: The Living Liquid Crystal

Water is the most vital yet oddly least understood of all substances on Earth. From times immemorial, scientists, philosophers and theologians have attempted to explain its phenomenal properties which lie beyond the common physical laws of nature. This workshop will draw upon the insights of such scientists and researchers as Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Masaru Emoto, […]

Jonathan Zap- The Path of the Numinous

WORKSHOP- Crossing the Event Horizon—-Human Metamorphosis and the Singularity Archetype

Individually and collectively we are hurtling toward an evolutionary event horizon. The Singularity Archetype is a primordial image emerging from the collective unconscious that reveals key aspects of this event horizon.  Manifestations of the Singularity Archetype include dreams, motifs and themes found in art, science fiction and […]

Laura Karuna- The Sacred Art of Tea

Tea can be the most calm and meditative experience. There is nothing like sipping on a hot cup of puerh; slowly taking in the earthy aroma, before drinking the dark brew. Or drinking in the floral nectar of oolong, which can take you on a journey to the high mountains of Taiwan. Each style of […]

Leanna DeFere- Origami Transformation: Creases to Cranes

Cranes are a simple representational offering of the power of transformation. A symbol of good luck and peace, cranes are a way to communicate with light and hope. In Japan, the belief is that a crane will live for 1,000 years.

Because making cranes is a creative process, each piece carries an energy of hope and […]

Mama Kuleana and Soulomon- Creative Storyteller Party (Kid’s Zone)

 The Very Hungry Yogi (Creative Storytelling Through Yoga)
You and your child are invited to a world of storytelling, healthy eating, and yoga. Inspired by the popular children’s story about a hungry caterpillar, this yoga flow energizes our bodies and teaches us about the importance of choosing the right foods every day of the week. (Feel free […]

Manda Pendleton

As we learned in past herb walks at sonic bloom , the plants around us are willing assistants for detoxification, healing and nourishment ~ wild food as medicine.
Come & meet or deepen your relationship with the local plants, used for food as medicine since time immemorial to nourish & heal naturally. See these blessed […]

Michael Garfield- Entertainment As Social Action: Spreading A Cosmic Perspective

Paleontologist turned “performance philosopher,” Michael Garfield’s ecodelic explorations map the evolutionary landscape and our place in it. Editor-in-chief of visionary culture portal and long-term contributor to many more (including,, Acceler8or, & H+Magazine) his work has also been repeatedly featured in D.C. futurist think-tank The Arlington Institute’s internationally-syndicated newsletter, FUTUREdition.

Writing on transformational festival […]

Michael Garfield- Transformational Sobriety: An Open Forum

Share your experience in a supportive conversational format with facilitator Michael Garfield.  Whether celebrating, struggling with, or curious about going sober at festivals, this is your chance to chime in or simply listen as we come together to learn from each other’s stories.

Raymond Naeyaert- Sacred Geometry: A Perspective in Consciousness

This workshop is a course is that focused on a perspective of Sacred Geometry through the looking glass of an ancient symbol(blueprint) called the Flower of Life.

Workshop will focus on 3 main areas that will be described in more detail below.
1. Understanding the Flower of Life
2. How Vibration plays a fundamental role in the structure […]

Sean Allen – Sacred Geometry Forms and Pyramids for Meditation

This participatory workshop is about applying the knowledge of sacred geometry in both spiritual and practical life. The workshop will start with a brief introduction to defining what sacred geometry is, and how to identify and use it in everyday life. We will use the principles of sacred geometry to create simple thought […]

Shaun Parkins & Thomas Sochowicz II- Rise of the Djedi: Mastering the Force for Personal & Global Transformation

What if the force spoken of in the classic Star Wars series was real? What if the Jedi were once a powerful group of warriors on this planet? What if the “dark side” had managed to oppress the knowledge of these ancient teachings using them for their own personal gains? In this hour long multi […]

Shivoso Phoenix- The 9 Keys of Amazing Relationships

I believe our world is a reflection of the quality of the intimate relationships we create. In this workshop I offer useful information and techniques to transform our views about the purpose of relationship and its potential for harmony and growth. Learn, practice and be inspired by some of these techniques and step into your […]

Tokat- New Paradigm Nutrition & Heavy Metal Detox

New Paradigm Nutrition :This multi faceted class will go over the many aspects of optimum nutrition, superfood supplementation, alkalinity, GMO, organ health, metal chelation, immune system support an the bio availability of foods etc, We will break down simple ways nutrition an focused activities can help you become a thriving harmonious human at any age […]

VerDarLuz Claus- Aquarian Awakening: Human Design

Human Design integrates the I Ching, Astrology, Kaballah, the Chakras, and your genetic code into an emerging self-awareness system spreading rapidly all over the planet. This profound tool teaches powerful skills to help you individuate, empowering yourself to become the most authentic possible version of YOU. You will learn about Human Design’s 5 Energy Types, […]

WALA- Semiotic Theory & How Language Shapes Reality

Semiotic Theory offers a purely academic perspective on how words can alter our perception of reality- so come and learn how to harness their power! Personally, Semiotic Theory has greatly informed my outlook on life, and I am excited to hear all of your perspectives on the potential it has to change how you view the world […]