SONIC BLOOM is Colorado's Premier Electronic Music Festival


Jonathan Root, Music-Visualist known as Aeonchild, is an Artist, Audio-Visual DJ & Live VJ Performer. In 2010 he won the 2nd annual Winter Music Conference VJ Challenge that took place in Miami Beach, Florida. In 2011 & 2012 Aeonchild toured with Live Nation’s groundbreaking Identity Music Festival throughout the United States. Currently, he […]

Ahi Carnaval (Fire Carnival)

We are Ahi Carnaval an amazing blend of fire, street/hip-hop, interpretive and tribal dance tied together with a splash of carnival inspired acts. Taking on an array or characters/personas complete with homemade fire toys and costumes Ahi Carnival is sure to catch your attention. You will witness the dancer/shuffler Josy Carver unleash her skills with […]


AlaDance, which means winged dance, is a reflection of the use of silk fan veils and Isis wings as an extension and complement to self expression. Diverse in their background and collaborating together, this dance duo offer a unique style of visual performance, providing balance and enrichment to each other as performers as well as […]

Ali Avalon

Ali Avalon brings grace and beauty to the stage through her dance and has traveled the world inspiring audiences since 2006. A pioneer in the modern hoop dance movement and a seasoned fire dancer of many different tools, Ali throws down with a sacred, embodied flow and shines a bright light on any stage, day […]

Android Jones

I have seen things in this life that I am incapable of translating into words. In my practice I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds over and over again. If I could distill into words exactly what motivates me to create the art that I make than it […]

Annie Stardust

Annie Stardust is an astronomical dreamer; an innovative schemer. Whether it’s interactive visuals, animations, digital art, or 3D printing, she strives to expand every facet of the digital realm and create something that has never seen before. She calls her creations “Artifacts of the Imagination” because she believes that with all of this technology at […]

Anthony Ward

In 2002 I was asked to create a live floral art piece with Bobby Mc Ferrin. Michael Franti was in attendance at my request, He was so moved by what we did –He asked me to create with his band Spearhead–Zach drummer of STS9 saw one of the shows and asked me to create with […]

April Ananda Bliss

Where does creativity come from? How do we enrich our lives by letting our imaginations run wild? In what realms do we let our dreams come to live? April Ananda Bliss is a strong believer in letting dreams become reality and through her expression of performance art creates space for others to do the same. […]

Ariana AriFairy

Ariana AriFairy is an internationally acclaimed performance artist whose unique and refined style is rooted in modern dance, theater, circus arts and gymnastics. Inspired by story-telling and self-expression, she dances from her heart and pours her soul across the stage to entrance viewers with grace and ethereal enchantment. With a repertoire ranging from fire dance […]

Aya of FireGroove

Since she first picked up a hoop in 2009 Aya fell in love with dancing both in and out of the hoop. Dance has become one of the most important things in her life and is a source of grounding and connecting with spirit. Combining training from various teachers Aya embodies beauty and grace in […]

Bethany Burns

Detroit Native Bethany Burns is a passionate artist of many forms. She has studied all types of dance arts since childhood from tap, ballet, lyrical, belly, hip hop and modern. She has used this experience to develop a form of performance that represents qualities of beauty and simplicity.
Bethany’s unique style fuses lyrical hip hop with […]


Brandy Sarasvati is a dancer by nature and a Jill of all trades. Specializing in high energy body movement. With or without props Sarasvati can tantalize the senses with her goddess energy. Dabbling and succeeding in hooping, fire, aerial, pole, go-go, burlesque, & hip hop dance styles. Her passion for dance is apparent when she […]

Cassandra Lane

Cassandra made certain dance would be a part of life at 2 ½ when she announced to mother she would become a ballerina. At 17, when the Boston Ballet asked her to train and perform year round, she had solidified her dream. But after a few years of technical classes and performances, her mind and […]


Christine Andersen aka: Chrystalline, has been dancing nearly her whole life. She studied classical ballet and gymnastics from a young age, performing and competing nationally for 10 years. In 2010, Christine found herself combining belly dance and acrobatics in a local circus ensemble, Cirque Stupendo. With a passion for the unusual, and a desire to […]

Daniel Davenport

Fire dance and poi spinning coming straight out of ATL!

Danielle Odette

Danielle has been performing for 6+ years. Her connection with the hoop and flow arts empowers her to tap into authentic movement and creative expression with a unique mix of grace, geek, play, and artistic vision, to generate ripples of inspiration. Enriching the energy and atmosphere, she performs and teaches locally and nationally at shows, […]

Deb Rubin/Project Merkaba
Emerging out of the legendary and vibrant San Francisco Bay Area music and dance scene, Deb Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT, is an internationally-acclaimed teacher and performer of tribal fusion belly dance. Coined “The Queen of Slink,” for her captivating performance style fusing old world nostalgia with contemporary glitch, she is honored to have shared the […]

Dilate Visuals

Dilate Visuals

“I like blowing my own mind. It just so happens to blow other’s minds to”

Dilate Visuals specializes in creating 3D reactive visual spaces,playing on depth and perception. He has currently been Lighting up the Mid west as one of the founders of an Audio/Visual artist collective,Bass Hertz Productions. His […]

Ember Rose

Ember Rose is a dancer of many forms seeking to express what words cannot. Ember inspires movement with those around her, using traditional dance techniques such as tap, jazz, ballet, and belly dance as well as props and apparatuses. Having a natural attraction to the elements, Ember uses flames to stimulate and enliven the senses. […]

Erin Ashley Eggers

Dancing in the air is a thousand times better than dancing on the ground. Erin Ashley Eggers discovered this several years ago after a chance encounter with a wild traveling circus troupe left her burning with inspiration – and aerial equipment. She has been addicted to levity ever since. With her alluring grace and mischievous […]

Evan Davis

Moved to Denver August of 2013 from NYC and have been eating up the Colorado lifestyle since! Began performing with fire back in the summer of 2010 and have performed at many major events since then. Performances include Summer Camp, Camp Bisco, Return 2 Roots, Alex and Alyson Grey’s CoSM, as well as local events […]

Fractal Tribe

We are the Boulder Circus Arts collective. Our interdisciplinary approach to circus art production and training has forged an innovative team with each member learning a broad range of circus skills, technical production, and artistic direction. Our collaborative approach creates a highly versatile team that can meet the production and training needs of events ranging […]

Golden Bliss

Golden Bliss is the charismatic combination of Resonance of Bliss and Boucle D’Or.

Bliss (Jennifer Alberts) breathes deeply, then steps on the stage and into the music. She immerses herself in her character, creating an intimate partnership between her dance and the music. She feels the energy of the crowd and weaves it into her performance, […]

Illuminated Dimensions

Illuminated Dimensions will be bringing multidimensional magic to the SubMission Dome this year. They designed the dome from the ground up year with a 3D Projection Mapped world of Sacred Geometry that will be projected with mind blowing animations.

Ishani Ishaya

Ishani Ishaya began contemporary Wushu Kung-Fu in 1988, became a teacher of Ascension Meditation in 1996, began bellydancing professionally in 2001 and discovered fire flow in 2009. She now combines these four practices into a gypsy fusion style referred to as “BellyAscenDance”. She has studied all over the world and imbibed many different styles of […]

Ismael Bhatti

My name is Ismael Bhatti and i’m 23 years old. Im from Atlanta, Georgia. I started spinning poi in January of last year, and fire from three weeks later. Ever since I’ve been addicted to the mathematical side of flow arts, as well as the flow and resonance to music it has. Poi has become […]

Jessica Faith

Prior to moving to Colorado I was a gymnast for 15 years. Upon moving three years ago I began my journey with the circus arts. Starting out with hula hooping, I have become part of a duo with my best friend where we perform at various events together. From there I started to pick up […]

Jocelynn Rudig

With over 13 years of professional performing experience, Jocelynn Rudig will dazzle you high in the air on Lyra, Trapeze or Fabric, or down on the ground in Contortion or Fire Dance. She has a diverse dance background that creates a unique style on and off the stage. She has toured nationally and internationally to […]

Johnathan Singer

The entrepreneurial spirit drove Johnathan Singer from an early age. By 24, he’d begun a career in publishing a socially conscious lifestyle magazine in Southern California called “West Side Life.” This exposed him to a wide range of artists, musicians, presenters and live performance personnel.

Moved to become an artist in his own right, Singer began […]

Jordan “Pickles” Leonard

Jordan “Pickles” Leonard’s most recent incarnation is as an audio-visualist production designer and visual projection performer. Based out of Denver Colorado, Pickle’s artistic branches root in tattooing. Years of influence from Burning Man culture and transformational festivals, has moved Pickles in the direction of developing art on an immersive scale with the intention to inspire […]