SONIC BLOOM is Colorado's Premier Electronic Music Festival

Unlimited Aspect

“Unlimited Aspect is an absolutely one of a kind performance, combining the explosive energy of two of Colorado’s most talented artists to form a synthesis of face-melting siren-synths and earth-shaking bass-lines, Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity are unreservedly the best at what they do.” –


Chris Urban, aka Urban, is a downtempo, autonomic and reggae producer and piano/keyboard player from Denver. He has been a musician of different forms and genres for almost 20 years. He began as a jazz pianist in the late 1990’s, playing in high school and college jazz bands including the University of Colorado’s renowned Jazz […]


To put it simply, the music of Colorado-based producer, Aaron Holstein, better known as VibeSquaD, is pure bass therapy. Combining equal parts headphone revelations and bassbin joyrides, the sole purpose of this music is to simply make people feel good. Really good.

As a music hungry kid growing up in Chicago in the 70’s and 80’s, […]


Hailing from the bass factory of San Francisco, WALA blends a sexy, worldly quality into the scintillating sounds of Glitch-Hop and Dubstep. She takes dancefloors on a kinetic journey from massive crunk to cultured bhangra–and every planetary highway in-between. This has propelled the tiny purple haired producer to esteemed status and has sent her to […]

White Robot

Denver, CO based producer Rob Brandon, aka White Robot, has a mission that is ever expanding. His goal is to find different ways to bridge the gap between natural and digital sounds, creating bass music with an organic touch. His sound is often described as extremely rhythmic, topped with huge sweeps and deep bass lines, […]


Whitebear is the result of Arthur Song’s love of evolving soundscapes, groovy basslines and interesting sound design. The amalgamation of tribal and futuristic elements has presented new territory for Whitebear to explore, and Enig’matik Records has been the platform from which he has launched himself, head-first, into the beautifully complex world of electronic music.

Fresh off […]


Wildlight is the space between the notes, the earth’s undulating
pulse, the modern echoes of ancient rhythms. It is a sound that will
spark your body into motion and swing your soul into flight. An
unlikely pairing of a folk songwriter and an electronic music composer
has yielded a new sound; music that gracefully traverses human
emotions, but can also […]


Residing in Denver, CO, first and foremost Yamn’s heart is in their live
experience. One that scintillates the senses with courageous beats,
grooves that cause instant and contagious grins to ripple across the
undulating crowds, heart-warming peaks and head-banging rock riffs. This
refreshed and revitalized Yamn is a band hungrier than ever to push the
limits of progressive live-tronica. To […]


YuYu is a collaboration between Colorado artists Cualli and Omega. They each bring aspects of their signature sounds, but this duo is much greater than the sum of its parts. Lush soundscapes and intricate melodies blend with ultra funky basslines and bangin percussion, creating a sound that defies categorization, but will surely rock any dancefloor. […]


Zilla is a Colorado based trio of musicians with the live experience in mind. A 100% organic, improvised experience, each ZILLA set proves to be a completely new occurrence, with even the band members having no idea where the music will take them night after night. Relying on their uncanny ability to listen and incorporate […]

Zion I

This duo of genre-bender pride has made a name for itself on the Bay Area scene by successfully mixing spiritualism and hip-hop. Oakland’s MC Zumbi and DJ/producer Amp Live blend hip-hop and trip-hop beats with lyrics focused on a message of unity, hope, and spiritual awareness. After a couple of indie hits, the duo slowly […]


Evolving in the dirty south, ZOOGMA’s sound combines the sonic diversity and precision of a DJ with the excitement and immediacy of a four-piece rock group. ZOOGMA is able to blend genres in a musical experience that is refreshingly original yet steeped in dance music tradition, appealing to a range of audiences. Known for their […]