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Abhi Thati

I believe art is a catalyst to a higher awareness of one’s self and surroundings. Through promoting visionary artistic expression we can direct the collective consciousness into a more humble and aware state. Our conscious evolution is paved with creation of new neural pathways, enabling us to truly embrace the organism that we are a […]

Adam Psybe

“Psybe (Adam Carsons) is a 25 year old self taught painter hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Examining his own large internal universe, Adam is a master at making the viewer guess at the meaning of his highly polished, complex worlds. Composing his spaces with spray-paint, he chisels down his iterated and flowing landscapes into unreal […]

Android Jones

I have seen things in this life that I am incapable of translating into words. In my practice I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds over and over again. If I could distill into words exactly what motivates me to create the art that I make than it […]

Andy Reed

Andy Reed (Infinite Geometry) is an artist whose visual alchemy captures a visionary journey into inter-dimensional landscapes — with prismatic colors, geometric shapes, and an ancient glyphic light-language amongst organic and terrestrial conceptions. His work represents the energy of another realm, making you feel as though you are peering into another galaxy and understanding that there is […]


Bild is an Austin, Texas based unorthodoxian geometrist. Infinite dimensions and twisted perspectives are the hallmark of his creativity, expressed via live painting and designing unique art installations/stages featured at shows & festivals nationwide. His art explores life experiences and scenes through a variety of warped horizons and spiraling cloudscapes, serving up […]

Chance Roberts

I am into visual pigment manipulation and experience synthesizing. Surrendering to the flow and allowing the images to use me as their vessel. Its about a fluid evolution, about being aware of the present moment and putting it in your pocket for later, whether that lies within a painting or a memory, sharing these times […]


DeLa is a self taught artist who picked up the brushes in 2003.

Environmental awareness, female form, the cosmos and our relationship(s)
with Mother Earth are some of the main themes explored in DeLa’s works.

The artist first appeared in the Bay Area art scene in March of 2012. Since
then he has been relentless in his pursuit of becoming a […]

Dylan Thomas Brooks

In an attempt to open channels between worlds and beings, Dylan creates a space born out of galactic dreams and geometric experimentation. By attempting to bend the rules of space and time he hopes to help ease earthlings into a new interstellar era. He has been developing a visual language for the vibrations and […]

Erin Guthrie

Austin based artist, Erin Guthrie, has been immersed in art her whole life. Her goal for her work is simple, to try to inspire in others what so many artists have encouraged in her. Constantly striving to develop her style while staying anchored in familiar imagery and feminine divine love, she seeks to […]

Jonathan Solter

Jonathan Solter is an artist living and working in the Bay Area. He dedicates his time to art, life and love. Illustration, stage design, live painting and murals are his main artistic focuses. He loves the creative community in the Bay Area and is busy co-creating his dreams with other like-minded artists. His art has […]


Krystleyez is an evolutionary artist, dream-weaver and emissary of light residing in Boulder, Colorado. Using art as a conduit for personal and planetary evolution, she has passionately dedicated her life to igniting a renaissance of consciousness through sacred expression and conscious collaboration.

Be it the spiral of a flower, the organization of honeycomb, the branches of […]

Michael Garfield

Returning for his fifth year as live art coordinator for Sonic Bloom, Michael Garfield is the Indiana Jones of live art. Since November of 2007, he has set up his easel in a legendary range of situations, from raging basement clubs to NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Airfield to New Year’s raves in the […]

Miranda Lewis

Like most artists, Miranda Lewis’s passion began long before her formal education. Inspired by myths dreams and nature, she sees her art as a vessel of communication – and realizing at a young age she had both the vision and technical skill, she attended Middle Tennessee State University in order to nourish them. There she […]

Molly Gardner

I am a painter out of Austin Texas, and recently moved to Denver. I use anything and everything Gaia to inspire me. Nature cannot ever be made better, but it is always a challenge to try and represent it the best I can. I paint abstracted animal and backgrounds, with oils on large canvases. I […]

Morgan Mandala

Morgan Mandala is Colorado-based artist who weaves her visions together in both the studio as well as the live environment. She has exhibited her work and painted live at a multitude of festivals including Rootwire, Sonic Bloom, Envision, Lucidity, and more. Her visions span a variety of memes and themes, but can often be distilled […]

Patrick Beery

Dark, twisted, and gritty are only some words that can be used to describe the artwork of Patrick Beery. His work challenges your mind to really look, and often greets you with the question, “What the f@#k is that?”. It is through his meticulous line work and use of color layering that the images take […]

Radhika Hersey

Radhika Hersey grew up in the artist counter culture of Los Angeles where she fell in love with painting at a young age. She immersed herself in her passion, drawing inspiration from her dreams, meditation, traveling, world culture, and mystic folklore.

After graduating with a BFA at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, she […]

Rae Vena

Rae Vena is a freelance visual artist, and traveler originally from Cleveland, Ohio.

Since an early age Rae, has been sketching stories from her imagination, and not much has changed since! As a passionate and professional artist Rae has shared her live art performance at over 50 music and art festivals nationwide, including several international shows. […]

Randal Roberts

“My name’s Randal, and I am an artist.”
In 2004, around the time I turned 30, I started introducing myself with that. I’d met and been deeply inspired by the great visionary artist Alex Grey, quit the factory job, and began a nearly year-long road trip exploring life and the country where I was born in […]


The performance that SKAADI brings is awe-inspiring. As large scale visionary paintings are created in a matter of a few hours each viewer experience the performance a little different, but each one can retell the story of a painting transcending a canvas into their hearts and into their minds forever. Without taking away from the music, these paintings accent […]

Tourmaline Todd

Experience, inspiration, and observation are three things that artist Tourmaline Todd lives for. In his years exploring the planet, he has used all of his senses to absorb his surroundings. Growing up in the creative center of Austin, Texas he found many ways to express himself, whether it was painting tigers in art class, building […]

Tyler Ristow

With colorful displays of organic and geometric figures, Tyler Ristow creates awe inspiring images with great depth and detail. Pulling inspiration from the unexplainable synchronicites of life, his work leaves viewers in a trance of imagination. Since 2006, he has live painted in Texas and around the country, curating energy and emotion through the feedback […]