SONIC BLOOM is Colorado's Premier Electronic Music Festival

Seed of Creation

Have vended several Blooms before. Sacred Geometry and symbologies on Eco-Fabrics, some jewelry, promoting conscious evolution and the re-visioning of the Philosophy of Existance.

Kinetic Couture

We offer all organic, sustainable kinetic wear that is designed to be funky and comfortable for all night play! My partner and I hand craft everything we sell ourselves and create garments intended to awaken the wearer and enhance the bodies movements. We vended at Sonic Bloom last year under the name […]

Eden Creative Collective

Eden wishes to connect to the Sonic Bloom community by bringing a booth where the festival goers can feel like they’ve traveled to a new and beautiful place, filled with treasures, accessories, art and clothing. This will include yoga/dance lightweight and comfortable pieces imported primarily from Bali, as well as handmade yoga pants with screen […]