Cassandra made certain dance would be a part of life at 2 ½ when she announced to mother she would become a ballerina. At 17, when the Boston Ballet asked her to train and perform year round, she had solidified her dream. But after a few years of technical classes and performances, her mind and body craved something new, so she moved back to her home state of Colorado and attended college in beautiful Boulder. There, Cassandra learned to take dance less seriously and explored new types of movement like yoga, hooping and contact improvisation. Her performance style is now blend of the many types of movement she has fallen in love with over the years, and she now enjoys letting go more and allowing her dance to come spontaneously from within. She has recently performed for artists such as Fisk, Robotic Pirate Monkey and Sorry for Partying at venues including State Bridge Amphitheater and Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.