My teacher told me that if you ask a master how he circulates Qi (Energy), he will say, “i think and it moves.” But how?  The foundation of Tai chi & Qi Gong is the silk reeling exercises. Silk reeling is the practice of performing specific movements with Shin Fa (Chinese Biomechanics) that activate lines and spirals of energy through the body. There are specific physical movements that activate every meridian (Energy Channel). By performing these movements with awareness, you begin to understand how everything you do in life moves energy one way or another through the body.

Learn simple and efficient ways to open the doors of Qi sensing. The sensing of Qi can be easier then most think and less esoteric than some perceive.  Learning to fly through the Emerald Bamboo forest is another class!

Bryan Rodriguez began his practice of eastern meditation in 1993. He furthered his studies in 1999 when he began his education to become a nationally certified Acupuncturist at Yo San University. There he initiated his External Qi Gong practice (Eight Treasures) within the Ni family linage. A year later, he transferred to Southwest Acupuncture College and found a mentor (Shogo Mochizuki) outside of the school system.  Shogo comes from a family lineage in Japan that has preserved the teaching of the old ways. In four years with Shogo, Bryan deepened his study of classical acupuncture, massage, and energy movements within the body.  In 2010, Bryan added intensive training with Bing Lee, and continues this daily practice of Chen Style Tai-chi and Qi Gong.  Bing Lee comes from the Chen linage associated with the Beijing lineage, going back to Chen Fa Ka.