Brian Korsedal started programming computers as a child. He taught himself to code. Later, he’d go on to graduate with a degree in Physics and was a successful designer of computer chips. He retired at age 36 and decided to turn his mind to solving the complex problems of today’s world. He’s come up with a fascinating way to build very complex, free form buildings. He wants to bring this knowledge to the world and create a beautiful, low cost living transformation.

Presentation Description:

Is it just me or do you feel a change in the air? A reawakening of a deep tribal sensibility in a time of global need. We see the devastation that the default lifestyle is causing to the globe. We all feel that something has to change. I am Brian Korsedal and I am an inventor. Come see me speak about banding together to build computer generated off grid cities. Take the blue pill and the festival will end. You will return to you home and it will all be a dream. Take the red pill and join with me in open collaboration to form beautiful, functional, low cost, art cities and live in them. To stand as a shining example of what is possible in this world. To live as a light for others to follow.

We also have a working example of our current system. We can take a 3D scanner and scan in terrain. We can design computer generated space frame structures that are like geodomes but in any shape imaginable. Any 3D designer can use our technology, not just us. We could scan in a forest and build ewok villages out of steel bars. We can scan in mountains and hillsides and build structures that conform to the terrain. We can build anything. The assembly instructions are put onto the parts allowing large scale collaborative building. We teach people how to read the instructions and assemble structures in an innovative flash mob build style.

Come explore the possibilities of using festivals such as Sonic Bloom as a platform for assembling off grid cities and starting a movement to end consumerism and to heal the land. Merging advanced technology with ancient wisdom. Aquaponics and permaculture infused with geometric patterns made by advanced algorithms. Come be techno-indians with us.