In 2002 I was asked to create a live floral art piece with Bobby Mc Ferrin. Michael Franti was in attendance at my request, He was so moved by what we did –He asked me to create with his band Spearhead–Zach drummer of STS9 saw one of the shows and asked me to create with STS9–I was asked to create with Tipper at an STS9 after party–This lead to many colabs with Tipper, Random Rab, Bluetech, Dessert Dwellers, OTT, Birds of Paradise, Beats Antique, Kalya Scintilla, Love and Light, Flying Lotus, Kaminanda, Phuterprimative, Papadosio. The offering is the merging of the fine arts of Dance and Floral Arrangement. I have shared at Harmony Festival, Envision Festival 3 times. The Bounds festival 2 times – Symbiosis, Camp Bisco, Bonnaroo, Mt Jam, at Burning Man and Enchanted Forrest Power To The Peaceful Festivals.