Why is Art important? Where is the future of creativity leading? Is it leading us, or are we leading it? What are the driving psychological factors that make a compelling image and why are we drawn to certain images over others?, How has the human brain evolved to appreciate beauty and why are is our species so obsessed with recreating this phenomena through art? What are the fundamental factors that are involved in creating images that speak to both hemispheres of the brain and also to the heart ?
 the creative spirit is a catalyst of our human evolution, as consciousness expands it gives birth to new technology and tools, the bandwidth of the human potential in the realm of visual art is exploding with new possibilities. Android Jones works at the horizon of this new frontier.
Join Android as he creates an electro-mineral portrait from a live model using the latest advancements in digital software and mineral hardware.
Android will share his insight into the electronic creative art process and the psychology of how our brains are wired to need need and appreciate art.
over the coarse of 2 hours  android will work from   a live model and take the students step by step from sketch to from value color and light, to a finished portrait.
the human face is one of the most iconic recognizable forms in nature,

capturing the complexity and likeness of a human spirit  and the molecular density of their form is  an impossible task, However by taking advantage of our minds need for meaning and our ability to recognize patterns, we can leverage our own brains need for deception and use shapes lines color and form to create the illusion of  life.

in this workshop Android Jones will take a live model and work to transcribe their essence into an digital image in real time  over the coarse of 2 hours.