Alexis Holland’s practice is mindful strong, and energetic as she incorporates sound healing during her engagement with her students. Sound Healing is an incredible science of using pure tone, frequency and vibration with the human voice, instruments, and positive healing intent that results in healing the human body. Throughout the practice, toning exercises are introduced to the students to get them even deeper into their experience. Each tone/mantra is directed towards a specific chakra/energy point of the body. She plays instruments such as the didgeridoo, the djembe, singing bowls, and tuning forks at the beginning and end of her mindful vinyasa flow class. Her unique sound and yin/yang balance within her flow is not something you’ll want to miss.Alexis Holland is an extremely passionate and talented musician, yoga teacher, life coach, polarity therapist, artist and dancer who loves to explore, discover and experience as much as she can out of life. She developed many of her modalities through the South West Institute of Healing Arts where she did an 800 hour yoga teacher training program that involved Polarity Therapy and Life Coaching. Throughout her journey she has discovered the potential of the human body and has been able to gain a beautiful understanding of how ancient energetic movement can heal and youthfully preserve the mind, body and spirit. She has made it her life time mission to heal the world and the people on it by positive empowerment and support with Yoga, Music, Coaching and more.