Come and Explore the practice of your self on your mat, together and alone. Here, at Sonic Bloom 2014, Alec is blessed to invoke a sacred space of connecting breath, movement, and intention. The Great Call to practice Yoga is an journey towards courageous self cultivation with the balance of the infinite amount of Light and Darkness that exists within our selves. This is our Invitation, rather than an obligation, to come practice BEing ourselves, in acceptance of the life we are here to live.
LOVELiFE vinyasa will invite us to integrate and activate our breath as we combine a series of postures with breath and intention. We will pay close attention to our bodies as we align ourselves accordingly through the Asana practice. You may find further embodiment and understanding of yogic knowledge as you show up. My Intention for this practice is to simply be a guide of breath into your body, weaving together the seam of BEing into our BEcoming.

Whether you have practiced yoga or not, we are all alive breathing the same air! Beginners and Experienced yoga practitioners are all invited to share your practices with eachother. You may find yourself in new challenging postures, upside down or standing on your two feet! LOVELiFE vinyasa will aid us by igniting the light within our Core that will show the commUNITY our LOVE for the LiFE we live.

A young yogi of 23, Alec lives in boulder, CO! He teaches yoga and practices while attending his final year at CU Boulder. Alec believes in the power of service to help others with the intention to breathe. He believes that Breath is a gift we are all bound to, and has the power to change everything about our attitude and presence. He invites you to come to yoga and explore yourself as we flow.Through this flow, we learn more about our bodies as we EMBODY them. Come explore this practice, together and alone, we will meet each other. LOVELiFE vinyasa will invoke the inner fire that resides within us all, so we may shine bright for everyone at Sonic Bloom to be influenced by! Come get upside with Alec and enjoy your breath!