We are Ahi Carnaval an amazing blend of fire, street/hip-hop, interpretive and tribal dance tied together with a splash of carnival inspired acts. Taking on an array or characters/personas complete with homemade fire toys and costumes Ahi Carnival is sure to catch your attention. You will witness the dancer/shuffler Josy Carver unleash her skills with not only Melbourne shuffle, liquid, popping & tektonik inspired moves but also street dancing combined with fire! If that’s not enough well you won’t be let down when Keani busts lose with his rhymes, acrobatics and fire spinning….. Lets burn!
Keani brings a world of interesting experiences and bountiful energy to the adventure. He spent the last three years traveling across America on foot learning how to live off the land, testing his resourcefulness and growing his spirit. He lives for fun and excitement of everyday which has led him from hide tanning with the Lakota to fire dancing in Colorado.
Josy is a natural performer: whether she is shuffling on city rooftops or playing with fire she captivates her audience. Carrying a lifetime of experience from years of nomadic living she uses dance as a way of self expression, sharing and displaying music in physical motion.