Quantum physics has shown us that we are a part of something bigger.  That means that inside of you, you can access the whole universe.  Learn how to use the portal that is your heart to transcend time and space through a guided quantum meditation journey accompanied by music.  Journey to your future self who is already living the life of your dreams, bringing back images and information that will guide you in your way to get there.  Activate your spiritual centers and merkaba, launching yourself forward into your most amazing life!
Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher in Missoula, MT.  She is a Classical Homeopath as well as a Waldorf-Trained Teacher.  She has completed Kenji Kumara’s Quantum Lightweaving Master Series I. Adrienne is also a singer/songwriter and creator of PORTAL Music Festival which happens the first weekend of August in Montana.