The Ableton Live Master  Series

This class is perfect for anyone that wants to get into music production with Ableton Live. The class is designed for beginners and intermediate students. This 3 day intensive will take you from zero to finished tracks in 3 days.  This isn’t for the light of heart, but it is for the dedicated that want to get their music out in the world.

General Info & FAQ’s

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Produce  your own music.

  • How to use Ableton Live for music production
  • How to create and edit audio clips
  • How to use MIDI controllers and Virtual Instruments
  • How to DJ with Ableton Live and Live Performance
  • How to Finish and output a professional product



Ableton Live Certified Teacher: Isaac Cotec (Subaqueous)

Over the years, while working on his own music, Isaac began teaching recording techniques, sound design, and Ableton Live to private students. For over 5 years he’s helped producers step up their game and succeed as musicians. In 2012, Isaac joined the Warp Academy to teach Live through their revolutionary online music academy. Since, he has helped develop their core video library, an archive of videos on every feature available in Ableton Live.

Aaron Holstein (Vibesquad)

Aaron Holstein is Colorado’s most beloved bass music producer/performer/innovator. His trained musical background contribute to his unique take on bass music, which carries him around the country playing packed clubs coast to coast. Since VibeSquaD’s inception in 2007, he has released three full-length albums, two previous EP’s, as well as remixes and singles for Interchill, Multi Music and Proboscis.

Included in this course:

  • Access to Ableton Breakthrough Course (6+ hours of online video for review worth $280)
  • Massive collection (1GB+) of Samples and Live Packs ($150 value)
  • All Example Live Sets for review

Academy students can look forward to a whole lot of perks with your admission fee including…

  • 21 class hours of world class educational experience
  • Connections with like minded people
  • 2 healthy, organic meals per day (brunch and dinner)
  • Be the first people on site
  • First priority shaded and creekside camping

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